Friday, July 24, 2009

Dying to Learn Something New: July 23, 2009

I was cleaning out closets the other day and came across this tie-dyed t-shirt. My son loves wild colors including tie-dye but this shirt was just not bright enough for him. I got out some dyes and set to work to brighten up the colors in the t-shirt. You can see the before and after results.

While I had the dyes out, I thought maybe I should try my hand at dying a couple of silk scarves. My mom is a quilter and dyes her own fabrics so I borrowed supplies from her. I dampened my two scarves and dabbed dye on them, one with green and blue, one with purple and blue. I wanted this layer to be light in color. After this pastel layer dried, I added a clear gutta resist by outlining leaves from my yard. This leaf outline should retain the pastel color as I add the next layer of color.

In the images here, you can see the pastel colors of the first layer. The close-ups show faint outlines of the gutta resist.

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