Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fisherman's Dream: March 12, 2008

This is the beginnings of a drawing for my next painting which will be done in oil on 16"x20 inch stretched canvas.


AtticDragon said...

Hmmm... the perspective seems a bit off, have you considered using two point perspective? The perfectly parallel roof line looks unnatural.

I love the depth of the butterfly in your store, but it's too hard to see. Do you have a better scan?

Kiana Fecteau said...

Thank you for your comment, atticdragon. I will consider your suggestions on the perspective. I drew it with one-point perspective. Everything in the drawing is very straight but I plan to make things more natural when I begin to paint. For example, logs are rarely the same width from one end to the other, so these will be adjustments that I will make while painting. This drawing is just a guideline.

I'm not sure which butterfly you are referring to. If it is the "Red-Spotted Purple on Fig", it seems to be pretty clear on my computer. I wouldn't know what else to do to make it any clearer.

AtticDragon said...

I'm sorry... I used the wrong word. I meant bigger, It's so nice I wish I could see it bigger. I also really like your horses. The eye on that one is so soft a beautiful. You can almost see the horses sweet personality. All of you stuf is very nice. Keep it up!