Friday, February 29, 2008

More Image Transfers: February 28, 2008

My mom needs a cabochon for a beading class that she is taking. She was unable to find the right size or color that she wanted. I made some cabochons for her out of polymer clay and my dad is carving some out of real stone for her. She will have a few to choose from. I made one to look like black onyx, a couple of "blue marble" and two to look like lapiz/malachite. A fifth one was originally made to look like another black onyx one but I chose to paint it in order to do an image transfer of my mom's Siamese cat. The transfer came out very pale. I suppose it was the type of paper I used - not too good. I used the faint outline of the image to paint in the details of her cat using acrylic paint. These were all finished with archival gloss varnish to give them that polished stone look.

To experiment with more image transfers, I began by painting three 6" square stretched canvases using bright acrylic paints. I chose some photos of poppies, converted them to black and white, cut them out and tore some of the edges. I then adhered them face down to the canvases using gel medium. The photos show the painted look kind of cool with the black and white against the vibrant colors. canvases, the photos lying on each canvas and the photos as they are glued down. The photos of the photos face up on the canvases Hopefully, the transfer comes out as interesting.

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